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This is what (subtle) culture differences look like

This is what (subtle) culture differences look like

We’re just leaving Morocco. We live in The Netherlands.

But that’s too easy.

Here’s the difference between the Germans and the Dutch.

In the photo above, it might not be legible, but there are two flights leaving Marrakesh. They’re both at 6:40 (although they’re not the same flight). One is going to Berlin (Germany), the other to Eindhoven (The Netherlands).

The photo was taken at 4:39 AM.

Berlin is represented by the 2 (well, 1.5) blue screens on the left. Eindhoven by the 2 blue screens to the right.

Can you see the cultural difference?

The Germans aren’t only on time, they’re early.

The Dutch are barely there yet. It’s more than 2 hours until the flight leaves.

Who is early? Who is prepared? Who is late? Or at least less early?

The big question is what the HECK are we doing there that early and how have we altered our own cultural habits!?

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