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Normal Heights

Normal Heights

Is imagination more fun than fact?

“What a gutsy neighborhood association!”

“I can’t believe the local business district actually went for it.”

“That is just so cool that they would dare to be so different.”

These were our reactions as we cruised down the lovely Adams Avenue in San Diego. “A way up the road from Conventional City and three exits from Typical Town.”

It was almost surreal. The sign was straight out of Twin Peaks and immediately brought some (more) character to a small, charming town outside of San Diego. Someone spent some time getting that sign paid for, lobbied for, designed, installed, and maintained. All of that for a bit of poking fun at a “normal” suburban town near a big city.

Just down the road from Regularville.

Just down the road from Regularville.

This was all well and good until, while doing a bit of quick research on the sign, figured out that it is the actual name of the town. It’s not a joke, it’s not just being witty and alternative, it’s just the name of the place and they have a sign. No, really? No way! Or as my niece would say, “Wait, what?”

It’s a real place. The “normal” term comes from a teachers college or the State Normal School. A real place and that’s the name of it. Well, that’s just no fun at all. It was much more fun when the board of directors for the business district were a bunch of open-minded pranksters who thought it would be a conversation piece–which it is!

So I see what’s at fault here: I just shouldn’t have done the research. I should have left my thoughts in my mind where they belong anyway. Let me believe there is such a place and that there are will city councilmen who have senses of humor so large that they can raise city funds for the laugh. That the sign pass bill measures and raised funds. That everyone went for it.

It was all so perfect, so surreal, so fun and fresh and just completely and discouragingly untrue.

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