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Choose an avocation that will last at least as long as you do.

Choose an avocation that will last at least as long as you do.

Hang gliding? Probably not. Rugby? No way. Chorus? Aha, now we’re thinking.

What do you like to do? Great. Now what do you like to do that you can do when you’re older? How about a lot older? Good. Do that.

Sure, do the one that might not last as long as well, but also do the one that will last longer, the one that you can do beyond when you think you’ll be able to do it.

Today you’re in a networking group, the church choir and on the board for your neighborhood council. Great. Which of those things do you think you might still be doing when you’re older? Which would you like to be doing?

Sure, you can start any of them later, too. But are you especially good at one (or more) of them? Is there something that you do effortlessly, like when you’re riding a bike on a slight downhill, but it’s just enough to think you might be pedaling, but it’s so easy that you think you’re either really in shape, your bike is a wonder, or maybe you really do have the advantage of gravity.

What are your friends doing? What of those friends do you think you might still know in 5 years? 10? 20? Gasp, 30? How are you friends with them? Through this shared passion or coincidentally? What passion do you share with your friends? With your family? With your spouse? What will take you through the years?

I witnessed it today in a choir of women of all ages with more passion than I’ve seen in groups half their age–or of any age. They were having a blast and it was clear that they were there for themselves, for us, for the love of it.

What will you be doing for the love of it when you’re older? Do we need to figure that stuff out now? Is later OK? How much later?

What groups will you be a part of when you're 75?

What groups will you be a part of when you’re 75?

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