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Nowhere Else I’d Rather Be

Nowhere Else I’d Rather Be

How often are you where you want to be?

When you’re somewhere and you’re not thinking of somewhere else, then you’re where you want to be. If it happens often, that’s a good thing. If it’s a rare occurrence, it might be time to stop ad think about where you are.

Disclaimer: this is one of my Old Drafts (wow, 2012) that I saved in ancient times with good titles and maybe a few lines or even a few paragraphs but for whatever reason didn’t publish back in those days. I could of course just delete the title (it’s not like it’s a printed book or anything), but I try to re-create what I was thinking back then or, even better, apply that title to the present day. I’m going to do the latter.

This title could be applied to the short term (today) or the long term (this year, this phase of my life). When I took over this post tonight, I had the short term in mind, but actually I think I could safely say that I’m in a place right now that’s where I want to be in the bigger picture too.

I’m at a workshop (to remain unnamed until a later date) where I’m thrilled to be. But also in the big picture, although there is so much change going on in my life right now that it’s unsettling, chaotic, overwhelming and even hard to grasp, it’s also a good thing.

Change is good, but it’s also hard, painful, unknown. I’m where I want to be because I’m in the middle of change right now. I don’t want to be where I was and I’m not there anymore. But I’m not quite yet where I want to be, although I can say that I’m happy that I’m on the path.

But truly tonight, I can say that there’s nowhere else I’d rather be. And that’s a good thing.

This is where I want to be. It happens to be where I am.

This is where I want to be. It happens to be where I am.

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