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Chef Sara’s Raw Vegan Academy Cafe

Chef Sara’s Raw Vegan Academy Cafe

Please don’t tell me, in detail, why all of these other foods are so bad for me.

Just don’t serve them.

I suppose the place is called an “academy.” But I don’t know how much I want to be “educated” for my dinner … or before my dinner, or, well, to help me choose my dinner.

They have pages and pages of delightful-sounding dishes and we poured over them and chose 4 different things. But then our server said that they only had available what was on the back of the menu as the rest of menu needed a 2-day advance order. Oh. Yeah, we were thinking of eating in 2 minutes, not 2 days.

Oh well, the back page of photos had nice stuff, too. We ordered some items from there.

But the first inside page had detailed explanations about why all of the products that they didn’t serve (gluten, cashews, peanuts, I can’t remember what else, but it was at least a dozen items) were all so bad. But really detailed explanations about how and why and lots of words like poison and what not. It wasn’t fun to read. It was a bit like watching the news–not a good idea.

Sure, I know stuff is bad for you, but I don’t know if I want to read about it on the menu for my dinner. Sure, they don’t actually serve any of these bad things, but still. Maybe I just shouldn’t go to a place that’s an academy and a cafe.

Lots of seeds and veggies and more of a salad with crunchy stuff.

Lots of seeds and veggies and more of a salad with crunchy stuff.

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