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The Power Of Yes! (And Of Wearing Orange Pants)

The Power Of Yes! (And Of Wearing Orange Pants)

Saying No puts a halt to forward motion. Saying Yes opens the door, even just a crack, to the unknown.

I am biased, but I think how I met my wife Joanne is a great story because it shows the power of being positive and how saying “Yes!” to even what might first appear to be a small opportunity can have the biggest ripples in life.

You don’t know what you don’t know until you know.

In 2011, Tucker Cottingham cold e-mailed me after Google searching “business attorney” and asked to meet to learn about my law practice.

We instantly hit it off, kept in touch and in 2013 Tucker joined my firm.

In 2009, Tucker’s good friend Edwin interviewed for a job with Joanne.

Edwin and Joanne kept in touch and Joanne met Tucker through Edwin at a BBQ.

At a business lunch, Tucker piqued Joanne’s curiosity when he talked about how much he liked his new job and his new boss … who just so happened to be single.

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The Power of Yes

The Power of Yes

Our first date was at a Giants’ game. I had an extra pair of tickets so Tucker and his wife Shannon joined. I wasn’t sure if it was too bold to wear my bright orange pants on a first date, but Tucker gave me the very sage advise to be myself and of course wear my bright orange pants.

And so:

  1. a cold e-mail
  2. led to a job
  3. which led to a first date
  4. with some guy wearing orange pants
  5. which led to us getting married.

How great is that?!?

Just a single “No.” along the way would have broken the chain of events.

The moral of the story? When in doubt, always say “Yes!” to an opportunity and when in doubt, always wear bright orange pants.

  • Possible: Flounder in doubt.
  • Impossible: Know the future.
  • Repossible: Wear orange pants and just say yes!



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