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re009: Every Single Week

re009: Every Single Week

What do we do weekly? Why? How does it work?

[I spoke this into the iPhone Notes app using Siri’s dictation. Then, yeah, not exactly efficient, I read into the microphone what I had spoken out. Maybe a little backward. Hey, give the guy a little slack. It’s Thursday.]

What do we do weekly that we can’t do daily? What are we do weekly that we can’t do monthly? Why do we do things when we do them at the frequency we do them? What day of the week do we choose to do that? Why do we choose that day? Are there certain days where we do prefer to do one thing rather than another?

I decided to do this podcast on a Thursday. It’s not Tuesday, it’s not Sunday, it’s Thursday. That means every single week I record something, whether it’s going to win awards or not, and put it up on this podcast.

I don’t know if it’s the best strategy, but I know it’s working because I know I do it every single week. After 52 weeks, I know that I will have accomplished one year. Speaking of years, one year sounds like a long time when your counting weeks but if you’re counting months then it’s only a little bit more than what you can count on two hands.

I’m going to look into why they’re important to us and how they help us get things done how they’re different from days and months years.

My next book is going to be called every single week. Guess what the book after that is going to be called?

Until next week, go out and get yourself a little Repossible.

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