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Is regret preventable?

Is regret preventable?

Is it possible to cover every possible option so you don’t ask yourself, “But what if we had … “

I’m sure there’s a pie chart somewhere that graphically shows how much energy regret takes. I’m sure it’s a big part.

Is it possible to “hedge your bets”? Is it possible to reduce your regret tomorrow by actions today?

Well, of course we’ll do everything we can. But who knows the line to cross? Who knows when to stop? Hindsight is 20/20. But the present is practically blind. We can go our own way, we can work together, we can enlist our troops, man our stations, pull out all the stops. When is not enough? When is too much? When is it just right?

Will we only think of the not enough? How do you gauge when it’s just right? How do you know? OK, fine, we can’t know. How can we at least think it’s close to enough?

The balance of “try” and “surrender”

How much do you actively do and how much do you let go? How much do we have influence over and how much is fate or just our of our hands?

You may notice I don’t have many answers. I’m currently in the blind storm of the present. Knowing the future would certainly be boring, but nonetheless rather useful at times. Just what should we do now? How do we know what’s right? Where do we push? Where do we let up? Not give up, just let up.

Let the present moment be. We have control of the sails, but not of the wind.

We have the sails and the rudder, but we are guided by the wind.

We have the sails and the rudder, but we are guided by the wind.

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