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Surrender | Rise Up Instead of Falling Down

Surrender | Rise Up Instead of Falling Down
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Although this is along the lines of the chapter called “A Vision of the Future Instead of a Memory of the Past,” it’s not exactly the same thing.

They’re on different planes.

Future is forward and past is backward whereas this chapter is more up and down. While we’re talking directions, left and right are still open and can add then your own personal touch or flavor to where you’re heading.

But we want to go up, improve, get better or even strive towards heights we haven’t ever reached before.

Perhaps Surrender is understood as rising up or positive but I wanted to to drive the point home that surrendering is going to head in that direction naturally.

Let’s take it one more little level higher though, shall we?

As I write this, we’re in the middle of the Corona pandemic. I’m originally from California where you could then add fires, distance learning for most all students in the state, heat waves, power outages, protests about race and police.

It’s going to sound like a live in a bubble or even that I would like to live in a bubble and I’m not even going to deny that this book, Surrender, together with a previous book in the Repossible series, Meditate, are bubbles in a way.

We are escaping from the day to day to gather our thoughts, achieve clarity, and sharpen our focus. If I brought all of the mayhem into my meditations, I wouldn’t be able to surrender to much at all because I would probably be overwhelmed with everything that’s going on in the world.

So yes, in that sense, meditation and surrendering are escapes. But then when we’re done with a meditation session (in which hopefully surrendered to some extent), we’re going to be right back in that real world with all of its challenges.

I wholeheartedly believe that surrendering to our own higher power during meditation (and, ideally, throughout as much of the rest of the day as possible) is a way to make the world as a whole a better place.

If we can rise up, if we can reach up to our own higher powers and become that “better” person on a daily basis, aren’t we then adding to the uplifting of the population as a whole?

It’s much like the oxygen mask dropping from the airplane and how you’re supposed to put it over your own mouth before you care for your child sitting next to you.

If you first gave the oxygen to the child and you died, that child wouldn’t know how (depending on their age, of course) to take care of you. So by saving yourself first, by lifting your own self up first, and then taking care of others, we are stronger for it.

Also, by lifting up others, we empower our own lifting, we strengthen our own ascent so we are better equipped to do it again, over and over, for others, for more and more people and we’ll get better and better at it, we’ll become more efficient and effective.

So although it might seem obvious that we want to “surrender up” and now down, there are many reasons to consciously remember we are heading up.

As we rise up, we bring others with us.

They’ll rooting for us, they’re depending on us, they’re waiting for us.

  • Possible: surrender
  • Impossible: surrender down
  • Repossible: surrender up
Surrender "Up"
Surrender “Up” [ Photo by Robert Metz on Unsplash ]
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