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Surrender | Surrender

Surrender | Surrender
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It’s about to get real.

Or unreal.

Or surreal.

You choose.

There’s a quote that has stuck with me over the years and once this sinks in, once you accept it and believe it you can rest with ease, peace, and confidence.

Sounds great, I know. Here you go.

“If you knew who walked beside you at all times, on the path that you have chosen, you could never experience fear or doubt again.”

— Wayne Dyer

So how do you know who walks beside you? Yep, that’s the ticket. There’s the rub. This is the belief. This is what we’re surrendering to.

Now what you interpret to be beside you is up to you. Remember the chapter on Accept? God, spirit, Tinkerbell? Yep, any one of those will do just fine–or whatever you like.

But if we have progressed from acceptance to belief then we’re ready for the next step: surrender.

The Broken Arm

Back in belief, we believed our arm healed because we experienced it first hand. It was our own arm. It was broken, it healed, now it’s no longer broken.

Keep in mind, unless you’re a doctor or enjoy reading about biology or the human body on weekends, you’re probably not going to really understand how your body healed your arm.

I mean, sure, let’s take it from a layman’s perspective. Proteins, blood, cartilage, and bone all form together to fix your arm. But how much bone is needed? What if it was too broken? Does it matter if you’re sick or weak?

Does it matter if you don’t believe your body can heal your arm?

Would it matter if you tried, with all of your cognitive power, to NOT heal your arm? What if you gave signals to your body, instructions, suggestions, dreams, intentions that said, “Body, do not heal my arm, please.”

None of it matters.

Your arm is going to heal.

Your body, in its wisdom, in its DNA, will fix your arm.

Can we accept, can we believe, that there is a force, a knowing, a “something” that is behind the scenes making this happen?

Is it all just DNA and blood and cells? How does it “know” what to do? Where is the command system, the one giving the orders about what to do?

Do we have any influence on this process? Could we slow it down, speed it up? Why do some people heal more quickly than others? Some not at all?

What if we had even the tiniest influence on the functions of our body?

Here are a few little exercises for kicks.

If you think of something really sad, maybe even tragic, and let it sink in, let it get to you, you can get tears in your eyes. So, a thought you had, something that wasn’t there before, not a physical thing, you didn’t put onions in your eyes, caused something physical to happen in your body.

Have you ever tried imagining a lemon? Biting into it, even from the outside, like you would an apple? If you really give it your best, your taste buds are going to “taste” that lemon even though it’s not there.

Last one. You’re scared, nervous, maybe there’s a burglar outside of your home or you have an important exam and you’re waiting for the results. Your body might sweat, your heart rate might increase.

Let’s take a step away from the physical.

For the sake of this example and to get us over the edge, let’s make it even easier.

I’m not going to say your thoughts can influence your body to the extent that you could get you could get rid of your headache or even something more drastic like heal a disease.

Nope, let’s keep this simple.

Do you know if you laugh a lot, you can, sometimes, just make yourself happier? Great. Yeah, do that, it’s fun.

But that’s “matter moving matter.” It’s an action on a certain level creating an action on a similar level.

What if we went higher?

What if we could reach a level higher where we, well, to stick with he happiness thread here, guided our minds or hearts to be happier?

If we can make our foreheads sweat, why couldn’t we change something as vague as our happiness? Or at least feel a little better?


Here’s this week’s Thursday Thunder’s take on Surrendering.

Accept, Believe, and Surrender
Accept, Believe, and Surrender [Photo by Gabriela Tamara Cycman on Unsplash]
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