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Oh, I guess not absolutely everything is online.

Oh, I guess not absolutely everything is online.

I went to this weird place today … a library. There were books everywhere!

Oh, those are books! They're pre-turn-of-the-century!

Oh, those are books! They’re pre-turn-of-the-century!

In the cloud (in the clouds?) kind-o-guy that I am, I’m almost to the point where I think or assume that everything is available online. But is it? Of course not. But we’re so focused on what we can get on our phones or laptops that we forget that there are still books out there.

OK, OK, so not everyone forgets, but hey, I’m a Kindle reading, iPhone using, laptop guy.

There were books from 1938 in French, from 1899 in German. Can’t get those on Amazon or iTunes or … anywhere. Where DO you find those old books? Oh, libraries. Archives of magazines I had never heard of, hardbound volumes of who knows what that took up entire aisles.

It was the pharmacy library at USC. What was oddly fun was that I will most likely never open a single book from this library. I will never learn something from here, yet all of this information is here for the taking. You have to wonder if there is a limit to “information.” When does it stop? Isn’t there a point when there is nothing to learn, nothing new, it’s all been said and done? Maybe. Maybe not.

I’m pretty sure the more I learn, the less I know.

I went to a library and there were real books! I bet 92% of them aren't online. Fascinating.

I went to a library and there were real books! I bet 92% of them aren’t online. Fascinating.

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