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Revel: Celebrate the Victories

Revel: Celebrate the Victories
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You’ve accomplished lots. Put a feather in your cap.

The wind is up, the sails are full, the rudder is cutting through the water. Stop and smell the flowers … or at least the ocean air. The time is now.

boisterous merrymaking or festivity; revelry.

1. to take great pleasure or delight (usually followed by in): to revel in luxury.
2. to make merry; indulge in boisterous festivities.

If you’re the real accomplished type, you might want to keep repeating steps 1 through 3 (wind, sail, rudder). But there’s an important step 4 that I neglected for years: revel.

It’s important to close out the cycle, to realize the gains, and regroup, plan, pause, and party.

Celebrate those small victories. Toast any of the tiniest victories. See how far you’ve come. If you haven’t come so far, still note that you’re no longer in the harbor.

The second trip out will be easier than the first. Guaranteed. How can it be guaranteed? Because you’ve already done it once and the first time is the hardest.

Now you improve, repeat, learn, sail, and revel.

Revel: Celebrate the Victories

Revel: Celebrate the Victories

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