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This entry is part 7 of 16 in the series Past Life Regressions

What if natural, normal people had supernatural, para-normal powers?

Do we need stimulants, outside forces, to reach new levels of clarity, energy, and power?

CAREFUL: Another past-life regression guided meditation.

Uh, me

I could drink alcohol (and smoke pot) and find new levels of enlightenment.

Or, I could (intermittent) fast, wake up early, and … find new levels of enlightenment.

It’s our choice.

There are side effects to both.

Which do you choose?

Afterward, do you say:

  1. Oh, I’m never going to do that again!
  2. Oh, I can’t wait to do that again. Why don’t I do this more often?

Here’s my 13-minute recap of my meditation this morning.

PRO TIP: You really don’t have to listen to this. But I’d like you to think about what I’m doing here: I do my meditation and then a record a recap of it afterward. Think I might retain more of my meditation by doing so?


Here’s the YouTube guided meditation I was using today:

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