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What if there were a medium for the medium?


This is one of those posts that you really shouldn’t read if you don’t know me–or don’t want
Ths is an audio recording of my post-meditation recap.

Another Sunday, another Sunday meditation.

Although I have to say, I haven’t been meditating for weeks (vacation…) and I thought I was out of practice (I am) but maybe it doesn’t matter if you’re out of shape because There Are No Bad Meditations.

I’m looking for higher powers (or maybe those standing behind me…) to help me help others. I have family in need and I want to step up my healing game.

I record this audio because if you dig back into something by writing it down, telling the story, recording the audio into a microphone, you remember it more deeply, longer, and possibly the best part, you remember more than if you were to just “try to remember” on the spot.

Here goes. As usual on Sundays, things get kinda out of hand…

Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

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