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Bookkeeping on Saturday Morning

Bookkeeping on Saturday Morning

Ah, the realities of running a small business. I just couldn’t get to my bookkeeping this week. I had in on my To Do list both Thursday and Friday morning. It just didn’t happen. Yes, I have a bookkeeper, yes, I have an accountant. But there are still some things I have to do.

I think I’m finally going to admit it: I don’t like doing my bookkeeping.

I used to think it was kinda fun, in a weird, math-geek way: seeing the numbers match up, “reconciling” (I just oddly like that word), finally matching up the number in your QuickBooks and the number in the bank account. Ah, the small victories. But I think I’ve grown out of it. Been there, done that. But still, I know I have to do some of it. Maybe I could take a playbook from my recently found magic trick: make habits the goal and just do a little bit every day (or at least every week). Yes, that would work.

For now, it’s Saturday morning and the sun is coming up and I need to get to it so I can have it off my plate (and my mind) the rest of the day. Well, that’s an upside, it’ll be a weight lifted that’s been sitting on my shoulders the past days, uh, week, OK, fine, months.

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