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Are juicy rules meant to be broken?

Are juicy rules meant to be broken?

If you make an outrageous demand, are you just asking for rebellion?

“Whatever you do, don’t go into the forest.” “Your plate is really hot, don’t touch it.” “Ugh, your drink is super sweet, don’t drink it unless you want an immediate cavity!”

What is it with restrictions and challenges and limits that make us want to break them? “65 MPH.” One of my favorites is the “Drug Free Zone” near schools. I bet that hoodlum 9th grader just can’t wait to get the selfie smoking his crack pipe under that sign.

OK, so I went from opening a window to smoking crack. Where did I go to school to get that in my imagination? What did I learn at catholic, all-boys, private school anyway? It must be late. It is.

I don’t know what my fascination is with signs, but I can’t help it. They say the best camera is the one you have on you and I’d have to agree. Without my phone at the ready, I would have chuckled at this sign, but not taken a photo of it–and certainly not written about it.

This sign was in a church. Ooh, we’re in the double bonus because who knows who’s watching now! I just love that “ever” is in all caps. No “please” or any niceties either, but of course, please doesn’t go over well with a demand. “Please just drive 55.” Who knows, maybe that would help. What helps is a camera mounted in plain sight that takes a photo of you when you’re going over 55 (well, in Holland anyway). Of course, there are websites that show you where all of the not-even-trying-to-hide cameras are.

I wonder if this window was ever opened. What’s outside that could be so bad? Why can’t you open the window EVER anyway? Will it break? Will God strike you dead as you twist the latch and move it just an inch? I wonder how many kids tried. It’s in the bathroom with a door that locks, so free reign to test the limits.

What would you do?

I can’t even make the joke, “What would Jesus do?” I also admit that I don’t understand those “What would (someone) do?” signs. Are they people you look up to? If they did it, would you do it? So then you’re like them? I don’t get it. But as I mentioned, it’s late and I’ve already mentioned crack, school, God, church, and hidden cameras. I think I should quit while I’m ahead. If this is even ahead.

But the question has to be asked, Would you open the window? Also, the question that I really want to know is, Why can’t we open the window?

Not today, not tomorrow, not ever. Let's just take off the opening latch and call it a day. Better yet, just remove the window and make it a wall.

Not today, not tomorrow, not ever. Let’s just take off the opening latch and call it a day. Better yet, just remove the window and make it a wall.

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