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Do More of What You Like to Do

Do More of What You Like to Do

Wrapping presents together with family the day before Christmas Eve.

Just hanging out with minimal family (i.e. not too extended), a glass of wine, sharing one spool of tape and a single pair of scissors. Seeing what others do with the same materials. Watching the basketball game and seeing if we see our son and brother-in-law in their seats (we did!). Having pretty much just chocolate and wine for dinner. Building gifts with event ideas in elaborate wrapping. Knowing this is one of the last years that the kids are small enough to enjoy from the pure innocence of someone under 10 (well, one of them still). Spending time with family after driving for a few days (with stops) to get here. Looking forward to the next days of holiday.

Again with the old Draft posts, just trying to clean them out. End of year is a good time for house cleaning.

Below is from October 17, 2012. Funny how the years roll by and the title is still appealing. 

If I don’t just get these out, they’re just not going to magically go out.

I categorize each entry in QuickBooks and I realize that I’ve been doing much more work that I classify as “Design.” Which is kinda cool as it’s more fun than other categories: help desk, maintenance, email, etc.

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