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Every. Single. Day.

Every. Single. Day.

Because every other day is too mathematically complicated and because you will soon understand that you can’t not do it every day.

Greatness slumbers within you. You know it. I know it. How much do you want to nudge it awake?

You want change. You can almost smell it it’s so close. But just like the prisoner is so close to the visitor to the jail, they are close yet also so very far away through those thick bars.

Imagine cycling up a hill. It’s not so steep that you have to get off and walk, but you still have to work at it. It’s a hill that you don’t know, you have no idea when you’ll reach the top and when you’ll be able to take a breather and coast for a while.

It’s a mathematical certainty that the hill cannot last forever only going up. What goes up must come down. You’ll get there.

What would you think if the dentist said you only needed to brush your teeth every other day? Or only on weekdays? You’d still do it everyday.

When you first start out, you might not be sure that there’s a top, much less reason to go beyond the first victory. But as soon as you taste that first drop of sweet success on your tongue, you’ll lust for more. I don’t mean to scare you (OK, I do), but there’s a good chance that you develop into something of an animal with instincts that even you can’t explain.

Once you reach the top, you can then get started with the real work.

If you think that reaching the top is the goal, the destination or the solution, it’s OK, we understand. But it just means you haven’t gone quite far enough–or maybe you haven’t truly begun.

Yes, reaching the top is the goal, but once you get there you’ll realize that it’s the short-term goal. Again with the hill: you reach the top of that first hill and now you’re ready to coast down a while. But out on the horizon you see more hills. Here’s the beauty, here’s the secret, here’s the luscious treasure that’s inside of what you thought was the treasure: you’ll want more hills.  You won’t want to stop, you won’t be able to stop. Each one is a victory, each peak is progress and each time you’re building yourself, improving yourself and your goals get larger, your dreams grander and your confidence swells so that you don’t even recognize it–or yourself.

At some point, when you reach the top of each hill you’ll smile (and pant and sweat). I’m terribly sorry if this sounds like I’m teasing because all you can think about is the sweating and wanting to rest, but I’m going to have to go with the old, “Trust me.” But frankly, you don’t have to trust me, you only have to trust yourself.

No excuses. Period.

If you can’t do it, you can’t do it. You are your harshest, most honest and frankly, the only judge that matters. If you miss a day, you miss a day, but you’ll regret it and feel it and no one will know but you. But remember, no one else cares but you.

These don’t work. Mathematically, realistically or mentally.

  • Every other day. Do you go with odd days? What happens when the month ends in 31?
  • Weekdays. What about those Monday holidays? Non-work days? Are you “working” at this or is this your life?
  • Every day you feel like it. I’ll quote my dentist, “Only brush the teeth you want to keep.” We’re dealing with something that’s greater than you and your intuition.
  • Once a week. This can be an excellent addition to Every Single Day, but it’s better as a “cherry on top” or summary or big run experience.
  • Once a month. Once a month is excellent for change such as mowing the lawn.

If this all sounds scary, good. If you want to stop reading and make all of this uncomfortable unpleasantness go away, no harm done. If it were easy, everyone would do it. If you’re ready to sign on the dotted line, get out your pen. Let me know if you’re ready to go then let yourself know as well. I’ll be here.

  • Possible: every Tuesday of months that end in “ember.”
  • Impossible: every single day in the past.
  • Repossible: Every. Single. Day. From the day you choose.


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