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Get out of your own way.

Get out of your own way.

What’s blocking your path forward? It might just be … you.

Who's in your way? It might just be you.

Who’s in your way? It might just be you.

There’s you and then there’s you. You might be in your own way. You know how to get there, you know the way and even when it might happen. But you’re in the way. Multiple personality disorder? No, just your conscious and subconscious minds at work.

One of them is pushing and waiting and pouting. The other is waiting for that you to get out of the way so he can get to work.


The subconscious self knows how to get there, but you may not. If you want to let it do the work, maybe just hint with some guidelines or wishes and get out of the way. It’s hard to let loose of control, of the steering wheel, but you’ll have to show trust, a huge dollop of trust that is uncomfortable, but it’s necessary to break through.

Put that trust in your greater self that the outcome will be even better than you would have managed on your own. You’re working together on this, it’s just the two of you, but you’re a team. You have to surrender the reins from time to time (OK, most of the time) if you want to get any of the real work done, the valuable work, the work that you just plain can’t do alone.

Let Go

Close your eyes, let go of the reins, put your trust in yourself. See what happens.

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