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Go To Bed Hungry

Go To Bed Hungry

I know, I know, it immediately brings up images of starving children or at least children who were naughty so their parents sent them to bed without any dinner. Got that out of the way.

This is probably the most successful weight loss method I’ve tried with the least effort and most results. Let me define “least effort” as I can already see your face cringe at the thought of a very light dinner or skipping it altogether.


European schedule for meals: grains and fruits in the morning, heavier lunch and light dinner.

Help: if you have an activity that doesn’t allow you to eat or at least doesn’t make it so readily available.

I just LIKE the feeling of being a little hungry. I feel lighter (physically and psychologically) and feel better, fitter, like I’m doing something about it. Maybe odd, but it works and I actually like the feeling.

  1. Enjoy what I do eat at night much more.
  2. Sleep better (no “steak nightmares”).
  3. Wake up more easily.
  4. Enjoy breakfast more.
  5. Feel better/lighter all day (the day after).

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