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Time for Yourself

Time for Yourself

There are 24 hours in every day. How many are yours?

At this moment, there are 4 boys in my house (2 of them are mine), a mother of the other 2, my wife is out, our visitors from Holland went out on their own for a few hours and I haven’t even checked work email since Friday. I’m pretty sure today is Monday. I need to work, probably, I’m sure there are clients who wonder where I am and when I’m going to respond. I probably have bills to pay or checks to deposit. I’m not at an office 9-5, it’s school summer holiday. Where does the time go? Well, that’s easy: it goes to my family and friends.

I need a self-imposed Time Out

Kids get time outs when they’re bad, right? How about time outs for adults when they’re good? How about for no reason other than just need it? How about a daily time out? What do single parents do when kids are out of school? How do you get a little down time?

A friend of mine has a 10-year old and she told me once that he needs his daily dose of alone time. I didn’t think much of it, but have thought about it lately. I think my boys need it to. I’ve thought about it more: I need some alone time every day. It’s hard with guests, family, friends visiting, the busyness of life in general. You have to make the time. You have to literally steal, sneak, and hijack the time to sit out on the deck and just take a deep breath or write 3 paragraphs about … time for yourself.

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