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Force Yourself to Delegate

Force Yourself to Delegate
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Even if you want to do it, should do it, are ready to do it, don’t do it. Delegate it.

Not always, but most of the time if you don’t have to do it, don’t. It’s been, what, a good year and a half? I’m worlds, no, lightyears ahead of where I was in the delegating world. I’m proud of my progress and it’s helping so many aspects of my life they’re hard to count. It’s been a great experience and one of those Why Didn’t I Start This Sooner experiences. Sooner as in 20 years ago. Ugh.

Get into a delegating habit by just doing it … even when you don’t feel like it or it doesn’t even make sense.

I suffer from the addiction of Doing It Myself. “Oh, it’ll just take me a minute.” “It’s going to take longer for me to explain it than to just do it myself.” But I’m getting better. I no longer really calculate how long it will take, my first action is to delegate then if later it took me too long, oh well, it’ll be faster next time.

My basic message (if mostly to myself … ) is: When in doubt, delegate.

If it’s all screwed up, you can still do it over yourself. If it was something that you really wanted to do it again. Even if it’s repetitive, oh well, just do it again. If it feels really silly to waste your time doing something over that someone else did perfectly well, good, you learned why it was a good thing to delegate it first.

Am I learning anything around here? Slowly.

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