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Lu is younger, less restrained, and a sports statistician.

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Lu is one of the stars of the Markree Castle series who's ready for anything ... if fries are served.

Lu is one of the stars of the Markree Castle series who’s ready for anything … if fries are served.

Lu is the younger brother of the way less famous Li (NOTE: slight bias from my source), but can be wise beyond his years in surprising moments of clarity. When the moments of clarity are, well, drowned in a fog of goofiness, he can be as hard to gain the attention of as a lion with his jaws in the belly of a freshly-killed antelope–and about as passionate.

This is from the character profiles in Li & Lu series.

Speaking of food (unless you’re an antelope-loving vegetarian), Lu’s focus is heightened when yogurt, fries or a baguette is involved. Even potential treasures might be forgotten, friends overlooked and, well, it might be a tug of war if it came to choosing between a fresh-out-of-the-bakery baguette and the Pac 12 college football championship. Let’s just say, he’s passionate.

He debuted in the quick after-school adventure, “The Secret of Kite Hill,” but then really came of age when he let his true self shine in “The Secret of Markree Castle.” In “The Key to Markree Castle,” he hooks up with Dec to really take adventure, exploring and math to new heights.

Here’s the full clan of characters from The Markree Castle series:



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