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Now, never, or later. Pick one.

Now, never, or later. Pick one.

I’ve got now down. Never doesn’t exist. But when, exactly, does later happen?

Big plans, tiny plans. Life-altering decisions, tiny little choices. They all have to be one of these three “times.” So when is it going to be?


This I understand. My simple brain says, “OK, that’s what happening, that’s what we’re doing at this moment.” I can comprehend. I like now, it’s very tangible. In fact, from what I hear, there is nothing else. There is only now and we can just stop right there. It’s not a bad strategy at all.


If Now is Yes, then Never is No. This I can also understand. It’s just never going to happen and that’s OK. Accept, move on, it’s probably a good thing. Like, I will never ski across Antarctica alone.


So it’s not now and it shouldn’t be never, because never doesn’t happen. So when, seriously, is later? When does later become now and how does it not become never?

  • Possible: later
  • Impossible: never
  • Repossible: now

P.S. We’re debating a big event in the lives of my family at the moment and it’s down to one of these three. I’m shooting for now, but I’m in the minority … The current vote is: me: now, wife: later, kids: never. Do their votes count as 1 each … ? 😉


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