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To Gain Freedom is to Gain Simplicity

To Gain Freedom is to Gain Simplicity

Simplicity is … complex.

It’s a bit like Winston Churchill said, “I apologize for writing such a long speech, I didn’t have time to write a shorter one.” (Although that quote is attributed to many people.) It seemingly doesn’t make sense, on the surface it appears easy to achieve, but it’s hard, it takes time, work, patience and determination.

At the Joan Miro museum in Barcelona and at the end of the video about his life, this quote came up.

For me, to gain freedom is to gain simplicity. So, in the end, a line, a color is all that’s needed to create a painting.

We’re traveling and one thing I love about travel is that you only have a backpack or a suitcase. That’s all you own, all you’re carrying, all you have to deal with. I have 1 Kindle, a small selection of clothes, one toothbrush, etc. There are fewer choices in my day because I don’t have the overwhelming (material and non-material) junk surrounding me.

But even now it seems like there’s so much going on. When does it slow down? When does it become simpler? How do we gain that freedom?

Joan Miro knew how hard it was to achieve simplicity.

Joan Miro knew how hard it was to achieve simplicity.

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