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Bite-Size Exercise

Bite-Size Exercise

I got a ride from a friend almost home, but she had to go to the supermarket first. I didn’t really need anything at the supermarket and I actually didn’t really want a ride home. I figured I was maybe a half hour or 45 minutes from home. A nice walk through some hills and nice neighborhoods. I could have spent another half hour with this (good) friend and also got some shopping done and been driven home in the luxury of her car. If I walked, I’d probably get home at the same time. I had a boatload of work to do. I needed to get home. Both would take the same amount of time. But only one choice would get me some exercise.

I bid her farewell and started walking. She watched me go as she didn’t really understand. I told her, several times, that it had nothing to do with not wanting to inconvenience her, but that it was truly because I wanted to walk. I wanted the exercise. This was going to be my exercise for the day and if I didn’t walk home, it would mean zero good walking for the day.

I made it a brisk pace and happily admired the architecture of the neighborhoods near the park. I walked quickly up the hill, breaking a sweat even in the chilly spring sun. I smiled to myself as I knew I made the right decision. I chose for something harder to do, but something that was good for me and I knew I would later appreciate. Later as in an hour and later as in ten years.

It doesn’t take a daily ritual to the gym to stay in shape. But it takes priorities and perseverance.

I had to choose. I chose for my body. I chose for my future. It was just a half hour walk. I could have extremely easily chose to get a ride home. But I didn’t. It was only a half hour walk. It was only one day. But you can see it from two different perspectives:

  1. It’s only a half hour. What’s that in the big picture?
  2. It’s only a half hour. Why not?

It’s usually perspective. It’s usually a choice. That choice is usually yours.

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