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Because “Every other day plus weekends” is too complicated.

Because “Every other day plus weekends” is too complicated.

“Only brush the teeth you want to keep,” says the dentist.

Only pursue your dream on days when you really feel inspired. Don’t write when you know it’s going to be crap–wait for inspiration to strike. Only work out when it feels good.

Consistency breeds creativity. If you keep at it, the good stuff will come. You won’t write a masterpiece every day. You might not lose a pound this week, but you’re working on it.

Bite-size change that you create Every Single Day is truckloads more powerful than anything you might dream up every other Thursday evening.

This is a response to the question, “Why Every Single Day?” Follow along with the multitude of reasons in the Every Single Day series.

This whole Every Single Day thing, isn’t it a little much? I mean, really, every single one? C’mon, give a guy a break!

If you’ve read this far, you might be onto something. This isn’t for the faint of heart–this is for the heart. Every Single Day isn’t for something you have to do, it’s for something you want to do. But in fact, you want to do it so much that you have to do it. You have to because you can’t not do it. It’s a part of you and if you don’t do it then you’re not who you are–or at least who you know yourself to be. Until you want be Every Single Day then you are not every single day and if you’re not it every day then when are you it? On Tuesdays? Thursdays? What about weekends?

Get over the complexity and be who you are Every Single Day. We’re not talking about losing 10 pounds, we’re talking about becoming a healthy body. We’re not talking about writing a book, we’re talking about being a writer. We’re not talking about talking about someone you’re not, we’re talking about living, breathing and being that person who you are.

When given the choice, it’s really Every Single Day or never. I’m not forcing your hand, you’re not forcing your hand. Only you know who you are; and what you need to do which will evolve into what you want to do to then what you can’t not do to who you are.

Simple, right? Every Single Day.

Questions from the Front Lines

In case these same questions were rolling around in your mind, here are some answers.

  1. “Every Single Day is too much. Can’t I create a habit working less frequently?” Did you mean odd days or even days? What happens when it’s the 31st and then the 1st, do I still have to do it? If you’re using the words “too much” and “working” then you’re in the wrong seminar. We’re not talking about short-term change, we’re talking about long-term transformation.
  2. “My Sundays are for me.” Who, exactly are you doing this for, anyway, if not you? If you’re doing it for someone else, then it’s not going to be a long-term change no matter what you’re doing.
  3. Can I skip a day if I’m on a deserted island and in bed with Dengue fever? You can do whatever you want. You’re not doing this for me, you’re doing this for you. I don’t care if you miss a day, I care if you care that you miss a day.

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Because "Every other day plus weekends is too complicated."

Because “Every other day plus weekends” is too complicated.



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