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You Should Work for That Company!

You Should Work for That Company!

Maybe we should work for companies we’re passionate about.

I don't know what I'd do without my Vitamix.

I don’t know what I’d do without my Vitamix.

I can get a bit fanatical in my use and later review of products. I’m ready to start a Vitamix Cult Group. I love my Dropbox. I’ve been a WordPress developer and user almost since its inception.

When I make juices or shakes for people and they start asking me questions and show interest in what I’m doing (and how I lost weight or started eating healthier), they’ll often say, “You should work for Vitamix!” Yeah, I get it, thanks (I think). But of course I don’t want to work for them, I just admire products that are built well.

But maybe there’s something to it. Maybe you should work for a company where you’re passionate about the product. I suppose I used to be that way with WordPress … well, I don’t know if I’ve had the love affair like I’ve had with my Vitamix. But what about that? What if you worked where you were a huge fan of the product or service you sold? Wait a minute. Shouldn’t that be the case when it’s your own business? Didn’t you start it because you were passionate about it? Or was the the honeymoon phase?

Ideally we’re all passionate about what we start. But what about a few years down the road. What about many years down the road. What if you’ve lost that initial love? Do you stick around? I could imagine getting tired of selling blenders.

A friend of mine changes careers about every 10 years. Big changes. I really admire her. In fact, I think I’m ready to follow in her footsteps. Are they hiring at Vitamix?

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