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You know when you dream about a future for yourself and you say, "Oh wow. I could never do that."

I used to say that. Dreaming the dream was easier than living the dream. Talking about what I was going to do was a whole lot less scary than actually doing what I wanted to do. It also involved no possibility of failure.

Maybe I thought I was a cat. That I had 9 lives and that I could just live that dream life in the next life.

But I'm not a cat. I don't have 9 lives. I have this one. And only this one.

Are you a cat? How many lives do you have? Oh. Just that one? So, what are you going to do with it?

The posts on this site led to my most recent book "Every Single Day" in which I explain how to make the most out of this one life you have.

Unless you are a cat.

Welcome to The Cream.

Are you struggling upstream or coasting downstream?

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