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C is for Choice

C is for Choice
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I had tons of work to get to this morning. I also had a meeting with two fellow entrepreneurs. I had a choice. One pays the bills, the other paves the future. It’s a long-term decision, really, and the long-term choices are the hard ones. Usually when something is hard, it’s important. When it’s important, it’s lasting. When it’s lasting, you remember. If you’re going to do what you forget, maybe there’s a choice to be made.

I’m going to get the work done. No question about it. But meeting those two guys I can’t do very often (we’re just not available very often).

  • When I work, I know the outcome: I work, I finish my work.
  • When I meet with entrepreneurs, I don’t know the outcome. It’s exciting.

Sure, the outcome might not be exciting, but it’s the unknown. It’s change, the the chance of change. It’s the choice for change. If I choose to continue to do the same thing, I can’t expect anything to change. If I choose to take the path of the less known, at least there’s a chance for change.

A choice for a chance of change.

I like that. As Steve Martin said, “I just made that up. It’s going to be a big, big hit.”

It’s also three C words. I think I get a bonus sticker for that.

Chance of showers. Chance of sun. But there's a chance.

Chance of showers. Chance of sun. But there’s a chance. Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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  1. Jaime

    I absolutely love your writing. Glad to have found you from the A to Z Challenge.

    • Bradley

      I don’t think there is a compliment that makes me happier. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment, Jaime.

  2. orneryswife

    Wow, what an inspiring post. It is sometimes difficult to decide which of those choices will matter most in the long run. I am quick to decide, my husband is slow. I don’w know which is better but we have about the same success rate for making the right choices. Great post!

    • Bradley

      I think the balance of quick and slow decision making can be a good one. I’m the slow one and my wife is the fast one, but I truly thank her for some of the decisions she’s made that I … would still be pondering.


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