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I is for Indecision

I is for Indecision
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My son can’t decide which ice cream to get. That’s one thing–it’s all good. He will decide, maybe not quickly, but both parties (he and the ice cream shop) will be happy.

But when potential clients are at your doorstep, on your phone or on your website, you want them to make a decision. You want it to be clear what the choices are, what they’re getting for that choice, and you’d like them to feel good–no, great–about that decision. Do you have that going on?

A potential customer is standing in front of your (online) shop. Now what?

In the online world, it’s called conversion.

It’s converting lookers into buyers, visitors into members, and strangers into friends. It’s having them step over the line and into your territory, where you’d like them to be. Where you’d like them to be is going to be different for most: you might want them to buy your book, download your free song, read an article, sign up for your mailing list, or leave a comment. Whatever it is that you’d like them to do, the decision process needs to be clear and that is the hard part.

Want to learn more about it? Hot off the presses: Conversion Rate Optimization 101.

Can there be too many options? Absolutely. Make it easy on your customers.

Can there be too many options? Absolutely. Make it easy on your customers. [Peculiar pile of pills in Puerto Rican supermarket.]

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