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K is for Kin

K is for Kin
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My son is up early and brought his homework into my bed. Only family does that.

I’m proud of so many elements of that single sentence.

  1. Son: he’s mine and I’m his. Family works like that. It’s mathematical, it’s simple, no ambiguity. 
  2. Up early: if he has some of my blood, this will become a habit. For me, it’s the coziest time of the day when the world isn’t yet awake.
  3. Homework: I don’t remember ever volunteering to do homework, much less early, or in my parents’ bed. Not all together, but any of those.
  4. My bed: my wife is on a trip. My bed now has a little boy doing his book report in it. I’m working on my naming project.

I’m going to stop and take a deep breath as I know these moments don’t come around very often. In fact, of the four points above, the only one that I know will be back tomorrow is number one. In the time it’s taken me to write this, it’s no longer that early, he’s done with his homework, and he just got out of my bed.

Moment duly noted. Enjoy your Friday. I will.

Early morning homework in bed ... with a little help from a friend.

Early morning homework in bed … with a little help from a friend.

kin: a group of persons descended from a common ancestor or constituting a family, clan, tribe, or race
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  1. Cindy Dwyer

    Aww. What a sweet post. Our son was much more likely to migrate to our bed than our daughter was. Isn’t it just amazing when you actually take the time to really look at your kids and think about how they came from a part of you? It’s especially disconcerting to try to image that I carried them in my body for nine months – they are both already taller than I am!

    • Bradley Charbonneau

      One of our sons is much more cuddly than the other. The youngest just lost his two front teeth and the adult teeth are coming in … and I’m bummed about it. Don’t want them to be Big Kids.



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