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D is for Duh!

D is for Duh!
This entry is part 4 of 27 in the series A to Z

For the past few days, my legs have been oddly achy. I get up and my legs just aren’t really ready for all of that movement.

Duh! I’ve been sitting at my computer for four days straight!

I’m feeling a little heavier this week, like I haven’t been on my regular juicing and shake schedule in the mornings.

Duh! That’s because I haven’t been on my juice schedule in the mornings! Bonus: see Duh! #1.

A friend said he went over his bandwidth on his phone. I asked him if he had turned off his WiFi (so it all downloaded through the data account). He said he forgot to turn WiFi back on.

Duh! Yes, if you don’t turn WiFi on, that means WiFi is off. You’ll be charged the bandwidth.

I’m literally laughing out loud at myself right now for the first one. Laughing at myself but also with myself. Is that even possible? I’m making it possible.

I seriously wondered yesterday what the aches were about in my legs. Hello? Anyone home? Could it possibly be because I’ve been a desk jockey all week? In fact, “jockey” is too active. I’ve been a desk slug, a desk turtle, a desk koala.

Stating the obvious is a waste of airspace. I try to hold back, especially with my wife, on topics that are pointless, meaningless, or just require no response. Or worse, the answer is so clear, the question shouldn’t even be posed. No, wait, even worse: you know the answer already, but you’re going to pose the question anyway just for … for what? Conversation? That’s not conversation. That’s wasted oxygen. Go talk to a koala instead. At least don’t waste someone else’s time with such mundane and worthless banter. Keep that stuff in your head. In fact, don’t even waste the space there: think about it for a second, solve it, and banish it.

My legs ache because I’ve been a desk koala. Done.

Enough wasted white space on this post about it, too. I need to go for a walk.

Yes, when you use too much data, you go over your limit. Duh!

Yes, when you use too much data, you go over your limit. Duh!

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  1. Maggie

    Very Funny indeed, happy A to Z. Bite-size Exercise caught my eye, like how it slides up on you, so off I go, bye.

    • Bradley

      Success! If exercise can “slide up on you” then it worked! My point is that if you take small bites of change, it’s manageable, bite-able, do-able–and we’ll actually do them. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. francenestanley

    Duh! You can talk to a koala, but does it understand you? At least your wife can snap your head off if you’re too obtuse. 😉

    • Bradley

      With the types of topics below, a koala might understand me. If a koala understands me, I’m in trouble …


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