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P is for Publish

P is for Publish
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Are you ready to hit publish? C’mon, it’s easy. I’ll show you how.

At first, with The Secret of Kite Hill, it was just to write. But the kids kept asking if it was going to be a “real book.” Why not?

In general, though, my goal is to publish. Publish posts (today is 568 in a row), publish a book, or just get it out of my hands and into the hands of the clamoring fans. I’m a bit fan of Seth Godin and all he wants you to do is “ship” it: get it done, version one, out into the world. Then you can do the hard work: version two, the next thing. You have the cobwebs out, you know how the process works more or less, you’ve done it already. Now it’s a matter of doing it again. The second time will be easier, more natural, it will flow, you’ll know the pitfalls and hopefully avoid some of them. You’ll have a track record, you’re the author of book number one. You’re already there, you’ve already started, you’re past the halfway point because book number one was halfway. It’s all downhill cruising from here. Right? Have you tried? Did you do number one? Did you just hit publish? What’s holding you back? Is it a list of fears? I know a solution for that. Now that you know how to solve that, you have nothing in front of you but open road. Ready? Either am I. Let’s go. Let’s hit publish. Here we go, it won’t hurt, I swear. Publish.

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