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R is for Resourceful

R is for Resourceful
This entry is part 18 of 26 in the series A to Z 2014

Can you use what you have? What you find on the path to somewhere else?

If you don’t have something, how do you get it? Can you create it? Build it? Imagine it? Buy it? Find, steal, borrow, import, stumble upon? What if you open your other eye, the one that’s looking for the other thing? Let it open to find the thing that you’re not looking for, maybe what you don’t know you need, what you don’t yet understand will be a part of your story, your product, your plan.

I stumbled upon (literally) a leaf this morning while walking the boys to school. I thought it was fake or a school project or something painted. But on closer inspection, I was pretty sure it was just real, just nature, just a work of art. I carefully held onto it through dropping the boys off, walking through the park, stretching, and home. Then I had to find the best lighting, the right camera (I used three), and the best angle.

Maybe it’s because we just cleaned out the boys’ closet and am overwhelmed at the amount of stuff (read: junk) we have. It makes me not want to buy or receive another ‘thing’ ever. Writerly guy that I am, I even appreciate my Kindle more because new books don’t take up space. So how can you use what you already have? Or re-use it? Or re-think it? Re-imagine, re-invent, re-tool, re-envision, re-work, re-something. What’s there on the sidewalk on the way to school?

OK, I led myself into that one … a walk home from school recently became a book. 😉

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  1. Veronica Sicoe

    I love my Kindle for exact same reason as you — little to no shelf-space. Or, I’ll admit it, little to no fondness for dusting off stuff and trying to keep it all in order. 😀

    I love your blog, btw. I just subscribed.

    • Bradley

      I’m also a huge fan of the highlighting function. My memory is neither short term nor long term but if I highlight something then I kinda remember it but at least I can go find it more easily.

      The Kindle also does a much better job of keeping books in order! I can’t find a thing (much less a book) in my clutter of a life.


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