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V is for Very

V is for Very
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Edit your writing by finding every instance of ‘very’ and replacing the adjective it’s modifying with something better.

I think this might be a Mark Twain quote, but then again, I think most things are Mark Twain quotes. Mr. Twain or not, someone must have said something like this at some point or I wouldn’t have thought of it … unless I just had an original thought! 😉

So how hard is it to find that word that is just right? It’s as easy or as hard as you allow it to be. If it’s just not quite right, then hey, it’s not right. If there’s a better word, then work until you find the better word. When it’s perfect, you’ll know it because you won’t think there’s a better option out there. Do you need to do this with your entire manuscript? It depends.

Do you want it to be:

  1. Good.
  2. Very good.
  3. Perfect.
Very happy or ecstatic?

Very happy or ecstatic?

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  1. Gail M Baugniet

    Sometimes it is easy to replace the word “very” and sometimes it is very difficult. I try not to use the word, saves editing at least one area of the manuscript.
    Gail visiting for AtoZ

    • Bradley

      Touché! ” … sometimes it is very difficult.” Thanks for the note, Gail!


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