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W is for Website

W is for Website
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As an author, you need a website. Does your book need one too?

Actually, the question of whether you need a website at all is up in the air depending on who you ask (Why a website at all?). But let’s say you need one in addition to your Facebook page, your Twitter presence, your … everything else. Great, yeah, done.

If your book has a following that’s not related to your name, then it might help to have a site for it.

If your book is non-fiction and people might search for it based on keywords, it might be worth it to set up a simple site about it, based on the keywords, categories, and audience. People will probably be searching for that topic and not your name and if they get to the site of the book, they know they’re in the right place. Yes, you could (and should) have a page for each book on your own author site, but it’s a valid question as to whether your book (or books) deserve its/their own site/sites.

You have a brand (right?). Does your book too?

You have a brand (right?). Does your book too?


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