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Y is for Yours

Y is for Yours
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Not anyone else’s, it’s just for you.

My writing is mine. I might write for someone else or post something else or have an audience that’s not me, but the words are mine, I created them. I might give them away, sell them, even the copyright, but the fact that the words weren’t in existence before I created them means that I am their parent, by birth, by blood, somehow by my soul.

Can you have such a deep connection with just some words on a page?

Is your writing yours? Do you own it? Do you treat it like family? It’ll be around forever, even outlasting us, so give it some consideration, some care, some love to keep it alive that much longer. How do I think of these words as some ‘being’ something that’s alive or has a soul? Maybe that’s why I’m a writer because I do think of the words in such a way. They flow out of me like breath or blood, they were a part of me that was inside of me and I set them free, but I am still a part of their existence, just as my children are a part of me forever.

I’ve never quite thought of them in such a way, but thanks to the letter Y I am forced to dig a little deeper, see a little further down the road and maybe from a slightly different perspective. Those are all good things that might not have happened if I didn’t have to create words today. I create the words and they create me. I am a part of them and they are a part of me. The words are yours and they are you, you are them. Yours.

How about 10 years of words that are truly yours?

How about 10 years of words that are truly yours?

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