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F is for Fun

F is for Fun
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I almost had F be for Funny, but Fun can include Funny, but Funny isn’t always Fun.

Yeah, if that makes any sense.

Is fun and funny the same?

Is fun and funny the same?

I got a review on our book (yay!). OK, OK, I know the guy, but hey, not everyone needs to know that. But in his review, he said that he was “laughing out loud a few times” and I truly forget that people think things are funny that you might not think are funny–and vice versa. But isn’t that the beauty of sharing a story? If I didn’t share a story, I would never know if you thought it was funny–or romantic, or dramatic, or silly, or anything. I forget that people have vastly different senses of humor and you have to sprinkle a little bit of laughs where you can to see what sticks. I don’t even know what the reviewer thought was funny, but that’s OK. The fact that there were some funny parts in the book is good enough for me.

If it’s fun for the writer, chances are better that it’ll be fun for the reader.

But I chose F is for Fun rather than F is for Funny because I want to (1) have fun writing but I really want (2) the reader to have fun reading. I’m not writing to teach trigonometry, I’m writing for pleasure, for enjoyment, for entertainment–for both me the writer and for the reader. It has to be fun. If it’s not fun (or entertaining or whatever), then what? Is it educational? Educational can be fun. I don’t mean funny, but fun: enjoyable, put a smile on your face, but not necessarily out of laughs, but maybe out of care, passion, sympathy, or yes, just giggles for something dorky or silly or truly humorous.

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  1. Susan Gourley

    I agree so much with you. It must be fun for both parties involved.

    • Bradley

      Not that I actually know how to accomplish this, but it sounds like a good goal!

  2. sugandha

    So true! Funny can’t be fun….plus since your writing was fun, my reading was fun too 🙂

    Saying Hi! visiting from A to Z

    • Bradley

      Great to hear it! See, it’s possible! Even if I didn’t know it. But now you let me know that I accomplished it. Woo hoo!

    • Bradley

      Yes, it’s terribly important … but not always that easy. Thanks for the note!

  3. Michelle Wallace

    I love anything that has to do with fun and laughter.
    We need more light-heartedness in a world that is filled with gloom and doom.
    Writer In Transit

    • Bradley

      One trick I use is to just never watch the news … keeps my life sunny and full of (mostly) good news.


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